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See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

I would like to thank Bonnie and Raven for the excellent care they gave my older sisters. They were very caring and patient with them while testing and fitting them with hearing aids. After driving 1550 miles and all the rain, to see them realize they could hear again it was worth it. Thank you a million times.

James B.

This is one wonderful hearing specialist who cares for her client as a friend. She deserves five stars rating. Thank you always.

Carl T.

Great clinic Easy to work with and she cares about her patients. Great customer service before and after service.

Harold C.

Bonnie is one of the most accommodating people you’ll ever work with.

Greg R.

Bonnie does an incredibly thorough exam and explains the findings in easy to understand ways. I have referred her several other people and they were extremely happy with their care as well.

Clay M.

Fabulous! Great hearing test & recommendations. Highly recommend.

Kathy L.

Easy to work with, exceptional personal service. Makes understanding what you need easy!

Adrienne E.

Highly Recommended!!! Excellent customer service and very informative.

Ashley M.

Bonnie truly cares about her patients!

Kelly S.

Bonnie Sisk is amazing. My mom stayed with me for a few days from Illinois and I live in Mississippi and were going on a trip. I was trying to be helpful but I put her battery in the wrong spot in her aid and it got stuck. I was desperate thinking I am going to have to buy her a new hearing aid. I called Bonnie panicking...never knew her before and she said come right in and I will try to help u. We hadn’t purchased mom’s hearing aids from her but she fixed them.

Cathy F.

Great folks here!!! Come see these folks!

Angeie and Perry T.

Bonnie is awesome. She worked tirelessly with me to get my hearing aids just right for me. She is a dedicated and caring person who loves what she is doing. I’m so glad I went to her for my hearing aids and I’m happily sending all my friends to her. She is the best!!!

Kay R.

I couldn't hear a thing and thought my hearing aid had gone out, so upset as it wasn't very old so I called Bonnie and went right in. I had ear wax buildup and the hearing aid needed cleaning. She told me where to go to get every thing taken care of. Then, as she has become our friend we had to stay and talk a while. Five stars is not enough.

Faye V.

Bonnie Sisk, did an excellent job testing, fitting and explaining my hearing aid options and choosing the right hearing aid for me. She was patient and understanding and thoroughly answered all my questions. I will whole heartily recommend her to all my family and friends. Thank you Bonnie. You made a stressful experience very pleasant and I LOVE my hearing aids and being able to hear.

Rochelle K.

Bonnie is great. My husband and I went in for routine hearing examinations and discovered that he had hearing loss. Bonnie explained thoroughly the process, what he needed, and how a hearing device would benefit him. She fitted him and explained how the latest technology also allows him to use them as headphones, and adjust the various tones and situational background noises to maximize his experience in being able to hear more clearly. Tim can now hear sounds and voice pitches he was either having difficulty making out or unable to hear at all. It has improved his communication skills and aided in making him more successful at work. We LOVE Hearing Solutions! They are professional, affordable, and accommodating! Thank you, Ms Bonnie!

Debbie K.

I could not be mate pleased with my experience at Hearing Solutions. Bonnie Sisk was very professional and offered me more useful information then I have ever gotten, even though I have had hearing aids for five years. Hearing aids are pricey, but I feel like I received good value and my new hearing aids are much more technologically advanced. No question who I will go for any hearing needs.

Phillip H.

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